Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Books I have written

A  cozy Mystery
Janet Elizabeth Lynn


          After three lonely Christmases, Elaine Cooper, a forty something divorced mother of three teenage daughters says farewell to her two quarts of eggnog.
          Bravely, she puts her chin to the wind and picks the bugs out of her teeth to enter the uncharted waters of dating.
          Her life makes a radical course change when five men enter her life while she is busy keeping up with three teenage daughters and dealing with an obnoxious ex and his cutesy young trophy wife.
          When she discovers things don’t add up at the pharmaceutical corporation where she works as a CPA, Elaine wonders if she should blow the whistle on them. But if she does, will it put her family and her co-workers in danger?


I was born in Queens, and raised in Long Island, New York until I was 12 years old. Then my family escaped the freezing winters and hurricanes to the warmth and casual life style of Los Angeles.
It has always been my dream to write novels. Finally, in 2001 I decided that if I don’t try I’ll never know. After many classes and seminars, much blood and sweat my first novel was published. South of the Pier in 2011. That was it, I can’t seem to stop writing and researching. To date I have 8 novels, 4 crime fiction, and 3 cozy mysteries. I also co authored 2 Noir mysteries set in 1955 with my husband, Will Zeilinger.
I am a Clinical Speech Pathologist and have enjoyed my profession since 1980. I have traveled to the far reach of the planet for work and for pleasure ending up with wonderful memories, new found friends and a large basket of shampoo and conditioner samples from hotels.

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