Friday, April 3, 2015

Books I Have Read

Revenge on Route 66byKris Neri

Historic Route 66: With its signs for "New Dead Things," the Biker Bunny Bin, and the Kontiki Pizza and Chinese Restaurant that serves only waffles - it's kitchy, crazy, and fun. How appropriate that it would hold a place of importance to unconventional Tracy Eaton and her dad, aging Hollywood hunk, Alec Grainger. Their Route 66 adventures always included a stay in Tecos, New Mexico, but their regular stop at Lucy Crier's Lunch Pail Cafe is now a thing of the past, since Lucy plugged her ex-beau and went to the big house for murder. That's why it's perplexing when Lucy, safely ensconced in her cell, is simultaneously seen dodging traffic along Route 66. Naturally, Alec uses that mystery to lure Tracy and her sweetie Drew back to America's Main Street. But the road takes a darker turn when Woody Crier, Lucy's smarmy son, turns up dead, and an even stranger bend when the FBI goes gunning for Tracy, calling her one of America's Most Wanted.

Kris Neri writes the Agatha, Anthony, Macavity and Lefty Award-nominated Tracy Eaton mysteries, featuring the daughter of eccentric Hollywood stars, REVENGE OF THE GYPSY QUEEN, DEM BONES' REVENGE, REVENGE FOR OLD TIMES' SAKE and the latest, REVENGE ON ROUTE 66, which takes place in the quirkiest spots along the Southwestern Route 66, and which is a New Mexico-Arizona Book Award finalist. 

She also writes a magical mystery series featuring fake psychic Samantha Brennan and genuine Celtic goddess/FBI agent Annabelle Haggerty, HIGH CRIMES ON THE MAGICAL PLANE, which received a Lefty Award nomination for Best Humorous Mystery, and the latest, MAGICAL ALIENATION, which also received a Lefty Award nomination and won the New Mexico-Arizona Book Award.

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