Friday, January 2, 2015

Books I have read

The Mentor
Rebecca A. Forster
Federal prosecutor Lauren Kingsley is tapped to prosecute militia terrorists who bombed an IRS building. This is also her chance to make her mentor, Judge Wilson Caufeld, proud. When Caufeld is murdered, Lauren is trapped in a maze of conspiracy, corruption and secrets leading right up to the Supreme Court. Lauren must decide who she can trust before she becomes the next victim of a vicious killer.
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On a crazy dare, I wrote a book and suddenly a lark became a passion. Now, with over 29 books to my name including the bestselling Witness Series featuring Josie Bates and the USA Today Best Seller KEEPING COUNSEL.

I'm long married to a Superior Court judge (we met in high school) and am the mother of two creative sons. Alex is in film and Eric is a playwright and just published his first novel, Immortal L.A. I am also a proud grandma of Tucker-the-dog. I've been fighting for joint custody, but Alex will only allow visitation.

Before I began my creative career, I earned my B.A. and MBA and worked as an advertising executive. I have taught at the UCLA Writers Program, SEAK conference and other writing venues. I also volunteer with the Young Writers Conference which brings writers into middle schools.

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  1. I'm so glad you took that dare, because I love your books.