Friday, October 3, 2014

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Murder in Retribution
Anne Cleeland

Doyle is assisting Acton in investigating a turf war between the Russian mafia and a Sinn Fein splinter group, with the warring sides in a fight to the death over who will control a money-laundering operation at the local race course. The London CID is racking up a body count and Doyle can dredge up little sympathy for the victims—that is, until she notices there is very little forensic evidence at any of the scenes.

In the second book of the Murder series, Doyle and Acton find themselves trying to outwit enemies foreign and domestic as they work to untangle the reason that the underworld war has spun out of control.
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Relieved that Acton wouldn’t be a witness if she were indeed to be sick, Doyle crouched down again to study the conduit where the body had been found while the SOCO examiners began to systematically scrutinize the area in ever-widening circles. She could guess what they would find; absolutely nothing. For a turf war, there was remarkably little evidence.
The scent of decomposition still lingered on the ground because the body had been there for a time, and she took deep breaths to steady her midsection, annoyed with herself because decomp had never bothered her before. Acton had already known she was pregnant, of course. She should have said something before this, but she was hoping her symptoms were built upon nerves and not upon the presence of the Honorable whomever who had been conceived the night his or her mother had killed a man and then accidentally shot herself for good measure. Nothin’ for it, she thought in resignation; this is exactly why the nuns warned you about sex.
Struggling to hide her irritation, she called to the SOCO photographer so as to double-check that the woman had taken some close-ups of the maggot activity on the corpse.  Doyle was irritated because the photographer had been emanating equal parts amazement and derision when introduced to Doyle earlier, even though her outward manner had been all that was correct.  The general consensus—which Doyle could sense in resounding waves—was that Acton had lost his mind.  Nothin’ for that, either, and this was exactly what she deserved for stepping into the center ring at the circus—not that she would change a thing; best get on with it, the circus was soon to have another act.

Anne Cleeland holds a degree in English from UCLA as well as a degree in law from Pepperdine University, and is a member of the California State Bar. She writes a historical series set in the Regency period as well as a contemporary mystery series set in New Scotland Yard. A member of Romance Writers of America, The Historical Novel Society and Mystery Writers of America, she lives in California and has four children.; @annecleeland

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